As we are in the Calakmul Biosphere, it is not only our plan but our duty to have as little impact on nature as we can. When we bought the land in 1999, it was entirely covered in trees. We have built on the front 2 hectares, the part with the worst soil and the smallest of trees and by thinning it out have made it healthier. The bamboo that we planted though has turned our main area into a tropical oasis. Cabanas and jungalows have been built within the trees rather than planting trees around the buildings. The good part in the back, we have 50 hectares, is still inhabited by Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Tapir, deer and a myriad of smaller mammals. Parrots, Tucans, wood storks, falcons, and hawks are also around.

We collect all rainwater and are usually self-sufficient for much of the year. The grey water from the washing machines is used to flush toilets and to keep our foliage healthy we have dug a large pond at the front of the property where natural drainage fills it in the rainy season. As a bonus, the fish we introduce eat the mosquito larvae.Rio Bec Dreams Logo

To keep our restaurant food safely refrigerated, we have to be on the grid but still have built every building to limit the requirement of fans and lights. The evening breeze usually cools the rooms and we do not have air conditioning. Water pressure is gravity fed so we only need electricity to pump it up, not keep pressure . Strategic LED lighting on the paths shows you where to go without detracting from the moon and star show in the sky. All our glass, plastic and cans are recycled and beer and soft drinks are stocked in retournable, reusable bottles.