Situated 2 km west of Becan. Chicanna is a small site with 2 plazas and some well preserved structures. The first building you come to is a palace with Chac masks on the upper corners. You can climb right through it. Note the small faces in the lower designs. The main plaza has 3 excavated structures.

The structure in the main plaza has a fine example of a Rio Bec monster mouth doorway (the god Itzamna) as well as some vestiges of paint and hieroglyphics. The plaza is shady and a nice place to sit and enjoy the quiet and spirit of the site. If you visit late afternoon climb to the top of the structure to enjoy the sunset and flocks of parrots flying overhead.

Useful information when you visit the ruins of Chicanna

Distance of Chicanna to Rio Bec Dreams: 2 Kilometers

Driving time to The Chicanna site: 3 minutesRio Bec Dreams Logo

Opening hours of Chicanna ruins: Like most sites, 8am to 5pm 7 days a week

Entrance price per person: 50 pesos at last check.

Combine a visit to Chicanna ruins with a visit to : Hormiquero, Xpuhil, and Becan, we call it the local tour.