Spring Specials 2017

Free Breakfast For Two With a 2-Night Stay.

April, May and June are, with the exception of the Easter period, quiet months in the Yucatan. It can be split into 2 periods, the end of the dry time and the beginning of the rainy season. The dividing point is usually mid-May.

Before the rainy season it is very warm with almost no humidity and there are few leaves left on the trees. That’s good for spotting the birds and animals that, like the land, are waiting for water. Of course any lake or swamp will be popular. Because it is hot, timing is the key to seeing them. Early morning is great for those who can do it or, like us, we just get started later and wait for their return late in the day.

After mid-May, the leaves start growing back but the sun is still close to directly overhead so it is still warm but now a little more humid. Other than the arrival of the rain, usually a few rainy days in a row, it generally will rain for a 1 or 2 hour period once or twice a week – no big deal.

We are quieter during this period too and do not lay off staff just because there is less traffic. We try to work together with them through the peaks and valleys.

Our Spring Special

For that reason we are offering a Spring Special with your booking.

If you book 2 or more nights with us, we will give you up to 2 free breakfasts per room each morning from our restaurant. This not just continental breakfast – our Breakfast Menu is attached.

This special cannot be combined with any other discounts.

If you wish to leave early in the morning, we can make you a take-out breakfast to keep your stamina up.

Come visit the astonishing creatures here in the Spring jungle and ruins. You’ll have them all to yourself….