Practical Info


With an extensive list of sites to see and probably not enough time, the following reading materials should help you to plan and enjoy your visit more.

  • The Maya World – The Rough Guide
  • An Archeological Guide to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula – Joyce Kelly
  • Yucatan – Lonely Planet Guide – isbn 1-74059-456-8
  • CadagonsBooks
  • MAYA Divine Kings of the Rain Forest. Available in English, Spanish, German and French – isbn 3-8290-4150-0
  • The Lost Chronicles of the Maya Kings – isbn 0-297-81699-3
  • Lost Kingdoms of the Maya (National Geographic Society) – isbn 0-87044-928
  • Chronicles of the Maya Kings and Queens, Publisher – Thames and Hudson, Authors – Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube, ISBN 0500051038


In Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Chetumal and Campeche, you will have no problems using Visa, American Express, Travelers Cheques, American Dollars or Pesos. Once you leave those tourist areas it will become more difficult to use a credit card or to exchange travellers cheques.

Very few towns have banks and bank machines so it is advisable to get sufficient pesos while you can. The Yucatan is very safe, so do not be concerned about traveling with cash. Towns that do have bank machines are Ticul, Vallodolid, Progresso, Champoton and Escarcega.

In Xpujil: There is a cajero, an ATM, in Xpujil in the Super Willy’s grocery store, on the right (from us) just before the traffic circle. There is also a Banco Azteca with an ATM about one block on the right, after you turn right at the traffic circle.


No problem in the cities and towns listed above, but once you have left Tulum gas stations can be 150kms apart, and may not always have gas or electric power to pump. So whenever you see a station fill up! Also, always get out of the car and make sure the setting is at zero, and check your change. Most stations are ok, but there are a few that try to play games, not only with tourists but with locals too.


Buses come in several classes – ADO is first class, with air conditioning and movies. These are surprisingly inexpensive. There are at least 6 other bus lines at various levels of service and price. They all run continuously day and night 7 days a week; however, they will limit your timing and site visiting to a degree.

Car Rental

Car Rentals are plentiful and fairly inexpensive around Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Merida. Elsewhere they are generally somewhat more expensive and in many places like Palenque, non existent. Check ahead of time to be sure there is an agency where you want it.

Most important; make sure you have the ownership papers or a copy of them in the car. Also check the date on the paper slip in the window if your rental does not have real license plates. It is illegal to drive in Mexico without the ownership, Tarjeta d Circulation, and current plates; YOU WILL BE FINED. If this happens get a receipt for what you have paid and present it to your Rental company when you return the car.

Local People

Normally Mexicans are by nature very friendly and interested in tourists. However, as in any country, there are exceptions; they will be just that in the Yucatan.Tourist Items Books, Postcards, Ceramics and blankets are more then plentiful at the above mentioned tourist destinations, but almost non existent elsewhere. Our motto is “if you like it buy it” because you may never find it elsewhere. Also, carry plenty of film with you; you may find it in small towns, but it will be expensive and may have been on the shelf for months.


If you are concerned, contact your physician or your nearest Tropical Disease Centre for any preventive injections you should have. We also suggest you bring a supply of peroxide, band aids and an antiseptic ointment as well as insect repellant. We do not have a problem with mosquitoes at Rio Bec Dreams, but you may encounter them at some sites.