Our services range from suggestions about the best time of day to visit various sites (especially important for photographers) to providing breakfasts and lunches to go with you. We can also provide a written guide to help you through sites like Calakmul. We are also working on renting or selling heavy duty background on some of the local sites.


Packed lunches, maps, and itineraries for those who want to travel on their own
Occasional trips to local limited access sites which require guides and prior permission. These sites include Rio Bec, Manos Rojas, Puerto Rico, Ramonales and Yax Bil. Many of them are accessible only in the dry season.


Enjoy the wonders of our Calakmul Biosphere, home to crocodiles, jaguars, tapirs, ocelots, puma, and many others, many of which are on the endangered species list.
Only a half hour’s drive away, thrill at millions of bats as they depart every evening from an ancient cenote for their evening meal of mosquitoes.
There are over 200 species of birds who either live on our property or pass through on their annual migrations.


Nearby there are villages with a variety of natural experiences. These include ancient Maya medicine preparation, soaps and handicrafts. Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to organize something for you.
We can help organize your visit to southern Chiapas state with all its natural beauty and waterfalls.