Rio Bec

Rio Bec ruins

Rio Bec itself is the name used for groups of Rio Bec style sites. Those sites are spread loosely over a wide area south of Xpujil. To clarify, this scattering of residences and small centers is a hallmark of the Rio Bec ruins area. In fact, one explanation for the phenomenon is the region’s long domination by larger centers at Dzibanche and later, Calakmul.  Consequently, instead of concentrating power in one king and one center – which might have been seen as a threat by larger cities – the lords of the Rio Bec spread their centers. In particularly, they spread their centers along the course of the important trade route which passed from the Gulf through the region to the Caribbean.

The ruins of Rio Bec are numerous and difficult to get to. They are spread out over a wide area and accessible mainly by dirt tracks. You currently need a four wheel drive or high clearance vehicle to get there. Moreover,  they are probably not reachable in the rainy season.

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