Our covered palapa restaurant and outdoor patio overlook tropical gardens, our new dipping pool, and Annabel Ridley’s marvelous mural of Becan. The chairs are wooden, comfortable and encourage you to linger over wine, coffee or a liqueur. Our bar gleams with the richness of local hardwoods.

Visitors from other hotels in Xpujil and Becan often drop by for dinner, a drink and the chance to talk with other Maya enthusiasts who are exploring the area. You are welcome too.

Our restaurant is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for breakfast and dinner. Our menu is international in flavour, and includes Italian, French, English, Indian and Mexican items. Linen table cloths, cotton napkins, candles, good china and wineglasses decorate your table. Many of our items are vegetarian just because they taste so good. We also have daily specials and on request prepare special dietary dishes.

As Canadians and as travelers ourselves, we recognize that two of the prime concerns of international travelers are pure water and safe food. Our kitchen, pantry, and auxiliary areas are spacious and very clean; we use purified water for all our cooking. Dinners are cooked slowly to keep in all the flavours and we have been called the best restaurant close to Xpuhil and possibly the best south of Merida. Travelers to the area often drive the 12 km from Xpuhil just to dine with us and chat.

We can also provide packed breakfasts and/or lunches on request to make your daytime travel more convenient. If you’re going to spend the day at Calakmul, please place your order the night before to get an early start!