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Hotel Rio Bec Dreams near Calakmul | Calakmul Painted Pyramid Lady In Blue


Posted by Diane Lalonde on  August 30, 2020
RE OPENING we now have a  new notice  from INAH,  re ,Re OPENING remember this is Mexico,   re changing the    re opening dates INAH  re Ruins  – as of today-13 Sept Ruins actually open XPUJIL, HORMIGUERA  BALAMKU the following sites are supposed to open    21 sept CALAKMUL-BECAN-CHICANA we do not know re KOHUNLICH-DZIBANCHE -KINICHNA     After many months of LOCK DOWN, we too can also reopen! All the staff here will be so Read More
INAH Video Reconstruction Murals Painted Pyramid

Watch This Tremendous Video About Calakmul From INAH

Posted by admin on  September 27, 2017
Category: Archaeology, Calakmul
The Enigmatic Calakmul. The Ancient Reign Of The Kaan. A video from the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia featuring drone overviews, integrated 3D reconstructions and the best views so far of the interiors of Structure II and the Painted Pyramid. The video is in Spanish but you can set YouTube to autotranslate to your language through the settings button at the bottom of the video. Go to “Subtitles” and check the Spanish selection, then Read More
Ceramics In Caces Beneath Calakmul

Caves Discovered Beneath Calakmul

Posted by admin on  June 12, 2017
Category: Archaeology, Calakmul
Cave Paintings, Ceramics & Sacrifice. Underwater archaeologist Helena Barba Meinecke recently announced the discovery of a “corridor” of caverns beneath Calakmul, containing evidence of ancient ritual use, including ceramics, cave paintings and human remains: “There are even places in the depths of these caverns where the Maya performed their sacred rituals and sacrifices.” Barba is head of the Subdirección de Arqueología Subacuática de la Península de Yucatán del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH). Read More