Calakmul Stela 51 Yuknoom Took KawiilWe are experts on Calakmul. The night before your planned adventure into the archeological site,  ask for  Diane  at the  bar for information and suggestions on making your visit truly unique.

The whole site is gigantic – be prepared to spend at least 5 hours exploring. The site is far more photogenic in the afternoon  and the animals are more visible than  in the morning.

There are no services at the site, not even water.  So have a good breakfast at our restaurant and order your packed lunch

The road is paved and but does have  has  POTHOLES .Taxis are not allowed past the gate  at  H 186

There is a Collectivo daily from Xpuhil to Calakmul,  waits there, and brings you back. This Collectivo will pick up guests Rio Bec Dreams. Cost for the round trip is 400 pesos.

There is a small museum at Km 20 . It is split into  2 sections. One explains the archeological site and the Biosphere.  The  other the evolution of the Yucatan. It is worth the visit, assuming it is open. It  also  shows some of the history of the Yucatan as well a  model  of the murals  inside the CHIC NAB  acropilis which is closed off to the public .

Useful information when you visit the ruins

Distance to the archeological site from Rio Bec Dreams: 44 km on highway 186 then 60 km on Calakmul Road

Driving time to the  site: 20 to 30 minutes on the highway then 1¼ to 1 ½ hours on Calakmul Road

Opening hours of the ruins: Ruins officially open at 8AM but you can bypass the building and pay on your way out. The gate at Km 20 will usually let you through very early but will not allow entry after 2:30 PM

Entrance price per person:   approximate

There are 3 entry fees. First, at the highway the people of Conjuas charge 50 pesos per person to travel on their portion of the road, to km 20.

Next at the Biosphere entrance, km 20 there is a charge of 80. pesos per person

Then at the site, the rate is 80 pesos each

Combine a visit to the ruins with a visit to: The site of Balamku, a lovely site just 3 km from the corner of Highway 186 and the Calakmul Road.